WALLKE X3 POR 26"Fat Tire Electric Bike 48V14AH Samsung Lithium Battery Ebike750W Mountain Snow Electric Bike Adult Power Bike

By: W Wallke

  • Equipped With:750W Power Brushless Motor The Maximum Speed Can Reach 24.8MPH 48V14Ah Large Capacity Samsung Lithium Battery Charging Time is 5-7 hours (Using level 1 The electric speed is about 12.8MPH The Cruising Range is about 50-55 miles pure electric) (Using level 2 The electric speed the speed is about 17.5MPH the cruising range is about 40-45 miles pure electric) (Using level 3 The electric speed the driving speed is about 28MPH Cruising Range is About 30-35 miles pure electric power)
  • Made of 100% aluminum alloy, streamlined design: the body is made of all-aluminum alloy, including foldable pedals, cranks, leather handles, silicone seats for a great riding experience, Shimano 8-speed shifting To meet your various cycling needs!
  • Configuration: color screen display, high-end color LCD screen is large, allowing you to clearly see the remaining energy, as well as the distance traveled, the dashboard has a USB port to charge mobile devices
  • All-aluminum suspension front fork, front air shock absorber combined with center shock absorber, longer service life, better shock absorption, when you ride in the hills, give you the best off-road experience!
  • Equipped with: Double-disc hydraulic brake system, the quality is several times that of ordinary brakes on the market. When you ride on a mountain, snow, rain or muddy road, you know that the importance of hydraulic brakes is more secure for your riding safety.

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